Common English Words Used To Describe Sports

Sports, (also used as a single word) are associated with different types of activity. The activity itself is the main idea but the activities that accompany these activities are what make them so popular and in vogue. Sports is an important part of life. It is good for you; physically and emotionally.

A lot of people do not understand the importance of sports. To them it is just a physical activity. It is also a source of enjoyment and recreation. The dictionary definition of sports is “dense and competitive”. The second definition gives us an insight into what the word means.

The first meaning is that of a game or sport. The second definition is that of a sport involving physical dexterity. So you can see that sports and recreation have become synonymous. A game or sport is the common term for any activity involving physical exertion, where the object of the game is to reach a goal. Most sports are organised around a particular competition, with several teams, rather than individuals. The game or sport involved may be hunting, chess, weightlifting, or golf.

The other meaning of sports is that of skill. This may involve physical dexterity, but it also involves intellectual ability. This is so important because it enables the participant to use his skill to win a game or competition. It is the only thing that determines the winner, whether it is a team or individual. Sportsmanship is a widely recognised term in the sporting world and it describes the level of personal interaction between the sportsman and his team, either before, during, and after a particular game or competition.

Sportsmanship refers to an attitude towards sport, with an emphasis on fair play and a proper appreciation of the opponent’s safety and capacities. It includes respect for the opponent as a human being, and the arena of sportsmanship often extends beyond the sporting arena. It includes respect for the rules, regulations, properties and spirit of the sport itself. This can include rules about the use of protective equipment, rules about betting, rules about the reporting of accidents or incidents, and even rules concerning the conduct of championship matches.

Some famous sports names derive from natural activities such as running, diving, basketball, football and tennis. Others have their roots in technology or medicine. For example, the wrestling ring had a strange beginning, but it has grown increasingly recognisable over the years. Other sports names may come from the profession of sports itself – football or hockey (the ice hockey term is “ice” and the word “hockey” comes from the Latin root – to cool).