Defining Sports


Defining Sports

We are constantly flooded with news of various sports related accidents, injuries, players and many other related problems. Some of the major sports that attract a huge audience are cricket, football, rugby, hockey, boxing, tennis, motocross, horse racing, motor biking and badminton. These games are loved and liked by all the people. There are millions of people who love to watch these games either on TV or on the Live pv site. The sportspersons are always very busy in their professional lives, and they hardly have time to do sports themselves.

Hence the popularity of sports has increased so much. Many think that these sports cannot be called as real sport, as it involves too much physical exertion. But this is not true. The definition of sport itself has been expanded from the earlier days to make a new and more accurate meaning. In today’s world anyone can play any sport irrespective of his or her age, fitness, health condition or ability.

The definition of’sport’ was first used in the English language to define any physical activity undertaken for the purpose of entertainment. However nowadays even physical games played in the gyms and swimming pools are also termed as’sport’. This is because the definition of’sport’ has been expanded from the earlier days to include any physical activity undertaken for the benefit of one’s physical health. This applies to almost all the sports.

Sports that involve physical exertion or competition are called Association sports. These include soccer, Australian rules basketball, American football, motor bike racing, tennis, and badminton. Association sports have gained much popularity in recent years because of their wide participation rates. In fact almost every game played in any country around the world can be considered as an association sport.

Another kind of sport that has recently gained much popularity is the game of Cosmetics. The sport of cosmetology was popular in Asia only during the colonial era. However, it has gradually spread over the years to other parts of the world including Australia, South Africa, Canada and America. The definition of Cosmetics has also been expanded in the light of recent developments in the medical field and its application in various fields such as medicine, cosmetics, nursing, dentistry and surgery. These days many people take up cosmetology as a profession.

These are some of the definitions of different sports that are being applied these days. You could use the Internet or your favorite magazine for getting more information about the definitions of different sports. Keep your wits about you and know the difference between the real sport and the simulated sport.